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Augment Health Solutions suite allows payers and providers manage their patients and improve quality and performance.

Augment Health solution allows providers to:
a) Manage specific Chronic conditions
b) Identify high risk members
c) Create custom care plans
d) Create patient or population specific goals
e) Improve Quality measures
f) Improve reimbursements

Augment Health supports Population Health Management alerts that enable the providers to receive notifications when at-risk patients’ results are out of a defined range.

This alert feature lets you easily and timely review your most at-risk patient data rather than having to sort and sift through your entire patient population.

Population Health Management alerts: Your patients take tests on their devices daily. In the case if the do not fall within acceptable ranges, an email alert will be sent to the provider office . All alerts are customizable and can be set up for individual patients or cohort population.

Based on patient events… interventions, escalations, you can change the alerts for an individual or a population and allow you to keep populations on the right path with much less manual effort.